Big Sky Diagnostic Imaging

“Integrating Sirona took 5 emails and a phone call. I think pizza takes longer than that.”


Chris Wood

CEO RevealDx and Sirona Advisor

“Sirona's products have structural characteristics that will allow them to do what no other PACS system can, making it easier to integrate AI into the diagnostic process." 


Gregory Nicola, M.D.

Chair, Commission on Economics, American College of Radiology

“Sirona's unified platform is a game changer and will change the way radiology is practiced in the future."


Samir Mehta, M.D.

Radiologist in-house and Head of Clinical Operations at Sirona Medical

“It's clear that you can only truly capitalize on the power of AI and machine learning if it is underpinned by a workflow that is unified, bi-directional and intuitive."


Jay Kaiser, M.D.

President, California Advanced Imaging Medical Associates, and Medical Director, National Orthopedic Imaging Associates

“We're incredibly excited to partner with Sirona, help develop the RadOS platform, and implement a solution that we believe will revolutionize the practice of radiology as we know it today."