Luke Roller, M.D.

President, IMC (North Dakota)

“Sirona gives me the ability as a single radiologist to compete with anyone. Historically the infrastructure of radiology is difficult and expensive, but on Sirona it’s easy and affordable. Now I’m able to bring to life a vision for improved patient care that I’ve been developing for years, caring for patients that include my friends & family.”

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David Kim, M.D.

Board-Certified Radiologist

“Bringing together 5 underlying PACS without big underlying migration costs or sacred cows, with no need to buy a new PACS. This is unification in a new way without the normally required lots of money or tedious buy-in.”

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Chris Wood

CEO RevealDx and Sirona Advisor

"Sirona’s platform is completely different from anything the radiology IT industry has seen. They have rebuilt the entire radiology IT stack from scratch as a unified, cloud-native platform. This allowed us to use their Amplify SDK to embed our AI deeply into both Sirona’s existing viewer and reporter UI, and to make RevealDX available instantly to all Sirona customers. This has been a ‘holy-grail problem’ in imaging AI for a long time, and Sirona has finally solved it."